May 8, 2008

The European Union Central Bank

Bet on the filly
what? both ankles? euthanized?
How did Three Bells do?

1 Euro = 1.54100 U.S. dollars

Gas almost at $4 a gallon and this time its not the republicans fault; its the French's (by way of the European Union Central Bank). Here is how it works, back last summer the Fed. cut interest rates by about three tenths of a percent. Doesn't sound like much, right? its not. On the other side of the pond, those IKEA hating mutants decided to raise their interest rate a little bit more. This of course strengthened the Euro against the Dollar thereby weakening the Dollar.
The funny thing about most OPEC countries is that they use US interest rates to set their own interest rates. So what happens to oil? it skyrockets! because people on the god damn continent are selfish sons of bitches.