June 5, 2008

What's the Matter?

I got a strange email the other day and I think that he wants me to give him advice. He writes:

Dear Matt:

A few weeks ago I walked in on my roommate playing 'World of Warcraft.' At first I thought he was just masturbating, but it turned out that he was in the middle of a "raid" or whatever. Do I let it take care of itself or to I intervene? He's my friend and I want to help.
-Tepid in Athens, Georgia.

Well "Tepid" (if that is your real name) lets look at the facts: 100% of persons who begin playing 'World of Warcraft' become addicted. It is your job to break that dependence before it becomes an addiction. Rather than taking it away from him cold turkey give him a replacement. It's like replacing cigarettes with coffee or bulimia with cigarettes etc.

Find an old gaming system and sit down and play it with him. He turned to the 'World of Warcraft' because he wasn't getting enough attention in the 'World of Peoplecraft.' 'Play Mario Cart' with him and be his friend.

Good Luck


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