September 11, 2009

Breaking! Palin Agrees to Lincon-Douglas

As reported by our Senior Political analyst Matt Kuhr on the esteemed GVSU-Campaign Blog:

As reported on Awkward Haiku Joe Biden has already agreed to a historic and endurance testing three hour debate with out even knowing who his competitor would be.

After hearing that it would be Governor Sarah Palin of the state of Alaska Senator Biden had this to say, "I am very pleased to be competing against a formidable, if tender, opponent. If this word combat turns to slander and trifle remarks about ones family, as I expect it will, I will not hesitate to respond harshly."

After I told Governor Palin this incendiary remark she responded viciously and 'without blinking', "Bring it on dirt bag! You know the only difference between a Senator from Delaware and a Governor from Alaska, no one knows where Delaware is!"

When I told her that this response did not make sense, she responded "You know the difference between an ex-mayor of Wassilla and a nosy journalist hack!?" I didn't hear her response due to the static from what I am guessing was the poor telephone infrastructure of Alaska.

Back in Washington I was not able to get a response from Senator Biden himself because the Biden task force recognized me as that guy that stole Bill's Sci-Fi Political thriller and threw me out of the building. Next time I will remember to wear my Groucho Marx glasses.

When I asked for another response from the McCain-Palin campaign I got a link to this video and became very confused: (Barak O'Bollywood)

I promise that next week I will give a review of what I found out to be Bill Clinton's Sci-Fi Political Thriller entitled, "The Viceroy President of Americania"

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