November 6, 2008

The centre cannot hold... youtube journey pt.1

Introducing a
New side to awkward haiku
youtube collection!

As a way to dumb down the blog, while at the same time chronicling the ways in which entertainment dumbs down, let me kick off my 10 part series entitled "w-t-fuck youtube?" This chronicles youtube's next stars, and biggest signs of insanity. The rules? None must be from over a year ago, or have more than a million views at the time of embedding. At the end, a new youtube video will be created combining all of them into a sort of "state of the tube." To start: Techno chicken.

What the fuck? Good question. It seems as though this is an offshoot of a Dominos ad in Australia trying to sell bbq chicken pizza. Extended, it now proves that in America (and I suppose Australia), yes we can watch chickens enjoy nights out at the club. Makes me proud to be an American, and the strange fixation on that feathered creature.

Stay tuned for part two... have suggestions? Post 'em in the comments section. The best user-submitted video wins a special prize.

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