December 22, 2008

Soup On a Bun, Part Two

As I look out on the ice fields that Kate tells me make up the Maritime Islands, it occurred to me that Kathrine is a Russian spy. How do I know? Last night when I was trying to order a Soup on a Bun with extra cheese (Pizza), I received a text message from what I assumed to be the oil taker hacking my signal.

The text message read, "We don't have any soup nor do we have buns, all we have is oil and vodka." So from that text I assumed that since she had a blackberry and that the oil tanker next to us had vodka, Kathrine was a spy. She couldn't come out and say it but having watched all of the Bourne movies, The Good Shepard and The Departed, I think that I know a spy when I see one.

One tell tail sign of a spy is of course that they deny being a spy. Sometimes they say not and are not spy's though. That's when I engage the suspect in a little game:
"Are you a spy?"
"OK, then you wont be able to answer this riddle; I spy with my little eye something wet."
"Having a blackberry doesn't make me a spy, it makes me a neurotic mess and I don't work for the Russians." (I got the joke but didn't laugh (I didn't say that out loud)
" But your name is Kathrine! Kathrine the Great! Kate the Great! The modernizer of Russia defeater of the barbarous French."
You can call me Kate the Great if you want, now give me my blackberry back, I have to check my messages and delete whatever it was that you did. It's you turn to row."
"OK, which way is North?"

She points to what I am guess is North and we continue on our journey.

Until Kate lets her guard down,


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