December 10, 2008

Salty Leg

Sea Date-December 10, 2008

After moving to Newfoundland on an island in the maritime I became an apprentice for a shipbuilder. The plan was to stay for six years and learn to build a ship that I could navigate from Mt. Pearl to Auyuittuq National Park, from there I would cross over into Greenland.

It was too early for the puffins to be out when I stole Lotuk's vessel. The last thing that I needed were the puffins swarming, shouting, "Hey Lotuk! Matt's stealing your ship! you had better get out here." I didn't think that Lotuk could talk to the puffins, you can never be to careful.

The memories that you have of your childhood never completely leave you. None of them helped me now as I steered ol' Bernard and Lotuk's daughter away from the harbor. She looked at me and said,

"Who are you?"
"Matt, Lotuk's apprentice remember?"
"Who is Lotuk?"

That was when I remembered that Lotuk's seed never bore fruit. It wasn't because he was sterile, he showed me the tests, he was considered the town "pervert"(I use this term just because it is the closest English translation that we have of the word that they called him).

Now I'm on the high seas, its really cold and wet, there is this young woman, who obviously doesn't love me anymore and I'm wanted for boat theft. I'm not sure if they they are going to chase me or if Lotuk is going to notice that I'm gone, but that's the report so far, take it or leave it.



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