January 9, 2009

Awkward Injustice #2

Here we go again
"Blah blah felony" officer
Every time the same

Injustice #2--no espresso at race tracks

I was at the tracks yesterday as part of my plan to be an 79 year old Italian man by the time I hit 24, which was an exercise that resulted in, among other things, a secondary awkward injustice (how did Atomic Rain [ed. note: we think this is the name of a horse. otherwise southern florida's an awful lot more polluted than we'd previously imagined] destroy that race!? Jockey John Velasquez has a lot for which he needs to answer), but overall counted as a success.

A success that is, until I went to refill my drinks, and feeling perhaps a bit drowsy from Atomic Rain's [ed: see above note] splattering across the track, I attempted to get an espresso.


What has come of America's race tracks when they can't even get decent hand-pulled espresso!? Gentlemen, please, is it too much to ask for good, fresh, well-made espresso products at the race track? For if not there, where?
Awkward Injustice #2-No good espresso at the race track

I suppose it was a good thing Atomic Rain came crashing down [ed: still hoping it was a horse], so I couldn't order more than a few cups of that swill french stuff they call espresso.

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