January 4, 2009

Cabin Fever.

We have not yet arrived at Auyuittuq National Park and a swift journey does not qualify a safe journey. To restock and rest, we are taking a break on a floating hotel represented by the green dot on the map. The blue dot is about where I saw the vodka-oil freighter. 
While the porters and Kate unload our things, I have decided to show you some Japanese game show clips that I have found during my relentless war on boredom:

Don't Hit Me!

In the Balls

Average Joe, with binoculars. 

The Japanese have finally figured out a way to get Americans to watch soccer. 

Guy Sticking Things on His Stomach. 

I would enjoy this clip even more if a game show was not involved.

It appears that Kate has hurt herself trying to unpack the 
generator. Women, you can never quite understand them.



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