January 10, 2009

World Tour: A Day on the Tundra

We have arrived in Nuuk, Greenland! I have to apologized for the tardiness of my post. Kate's blackberry was lost in a fair game of chance against those cheating Fins. The game is similar to dogfighting, in this case, however, you place two men across from one another at a table and a bottle of vodka and give each of them a heavy object. The first man to either succumb to the vodka or knock himself out with the car battery (it varies based on whatever is lying around) wins a koltnence of the pot (ten percent in Finnish). The on lookers place bets on who will win with what method. I having no money of my own, I wagered Kate's blackberry that Osku (see picture below) would knock himself out before passing out. Osku plays for the Aberdeen Oiler's, a floorball club in the Northern League. And he did, however the other man across the table took his battery and smashed Osku in the head, rendering him unable to compete.
So those lousy, lice ridden, ram-scrambling old Vuohenraiskaaja took Kate's blackberry and told her to not let her husband bet with her belongings. She was angry and so was I, but what can you do.

That means that all subsequent posts will be made from Internet cafes until I can arrange for Kate to purchase a new blackberry (0r she gets one herself).

Floorball :
(watch until you get how it works, then watch the next one)

Floorball Tricks:

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