January 16, 2009

Thought of the Day on Vegas

Vegas is, in the end, the end game of American Enterprise. Not in the facetious way. Vegas is the perfection of all the efforts of the modern businessman. Bugsy Siegel and Henry Ford were both innovators of assembly lines, the only difference is that Bugsy made the greatest assembly line of all time. Dreams, hopes, camaraderie, sadness, loneliness, bravado, fear, idealism—all of these are the raw materials the city uses to construct money. Suckers from all over the world come to the desert, the desert that Bugsy gave life to, one summer night 60 years ago. This is not only the conversion of all material to money, but the side product of all money being given an allure of mysticism. The chance, the randomness, the prayer, all these things and more make Vegas the shining light in the desert, that may create the desert around it.
-Miami Beach, 2009

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