February 4, 2009

Awkward Injustice #3 - Puppy Bubble

Awkward Injustice #3 (and if you, dear reader don't understand this, you really need to spend a few minutes with google, puppies, natalie portman and rashida jones)

First off, i'm super-worried at the possibility of a puppy-bubble. Monoculturalism is what got us into this mess, you really think putting our faith into puppies will solve our problems? It will for a while sure, but then the puppy-bubble bursts, and we go into a puppy-recession, which will cause puppyflation, which if we don't fix, will lead us to a puppypression, with mass puppy-unemployment. Not smart.

Don't take this to mean I don't believe in investing in puppies. The last thing I'd want would be a puppy gap with other rising powers. But we must be intelligent, and diversify. Puppies, yes! But also kittens, hedgehogs, tucans, mongooses (mongeese?), and of course monkeys. In fact monkeys are our nation's future. Let's get back to what america strong--we can't be distracted by a potentially catastrophic puppification of our economy.

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Mah Blogg said...

I say - guinea pigs are our future. It's time to go whole-hog.