February 20, 2009


So, with the Oscars upon us, I can't stop the frustration at 2008's "prestige movies" . I don't believe 2008 was a bad year for movies (expect an awkwardly long top 6 movies of the year to come out this weekend), but I do think it was a bad year for the specialty divisions that the Oscars depend upon for material. Uniformly mediocre, from "The Reading of a Book that Makes Stupid Nazis Feel," "Boring/Idiotic", "Milk Prop8", "Charlie Buttons," to "Sugarrush Millionaire".

All forgettable, expendable movies, that show some level of lack of imagination/interest/relevance in the voters.

So, Awkward Haiku is going to be liveblogging the event! However, this is a special live blog, only for subscribers. So if you subscribe now, you can show up to Matt or David's houses, and we'll let you listen as we yell at the screen. If you talk, your subscription fees increase.

Hope to see you there!

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