March 6, 2009

Defining Viability Historically: Political Image, Part 3

Of the seven democrats that did not go on to win their parties nomination Bill Richardson always stood out as an interesting candidate as did Chris Dodd. They both have extensive foreign relation credentials and insider experience to give them a credible shot at the party nod. 

Richardson, a Governor and Dodd, a Senator, both hold offices that presidents have held prior to their inauguration. These candidates, had not, (to my knowledge) been cast as ‘out there’ as some other candidates had. Even with everything not going wrong for Dodd or Richardson, they never seemed to be able to get on the front-runner bus. It may be due to the fact that Washington smarts was just not in style this year, or, at least Richardson, they where not attempting to be regarded in the same way as other candidates had been. It had been rumored or at least satirized that he was running for the vice presidency and not Commander in Chief. If this where true, then we could say that he was not running in the same way other candidates have in the past. 

On this analysis we could say that he had no viability, however, this would be an inappropriate essay of the situation. He denied that he was running for vice-president many times, however, that perception never went away it only augmented his image. This extra piece of image got in the way of his campaign and thusly decreased his viability quotient.

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