March 3, 2009

Michigan's Gubernatorial Race 2010. Defining Viability Historically

Nineteen Months, Only Nineteen months to go before we chose a new Governor.  In ten months or less we will all salivate and opine over press releases, poll numbers and dirty tricks. 

This project isn't about the horse-race. It's about the meta-horse race. I'm going to begin testing this little idea of mine of mine, a historical deffinition of viability. It is loosley based on Jerrold Levinson's Historical Theory of Art (Please comment if you want me expound on the simmilarities). My question realy is, why was it that some candidates seem to have the more potential for winning than others, or how is it that some candidates are viable and some are not? 

The next post will outline political community. In part two, I will explain what I mean by context how it is shaped. Section three then will focus on the difference between a viable candidate and a good candidate. Since the most recent, and memorable, election was the 2008 presidential election I will be using it to illistrate my thoughts. After I have finished explaining my theory, I will be using it to show how it can be used as a political tool for the 2010 Michigan Governer's race. 

Starting out, I want to be clear about what I am addressing and what I am not. In the modern era there may be good and bad candidates based on the election context that they are in, or the way they handle the context. I do not wish to lay claim to say how or if a candidate was a good or bad candidate, an inevitable winner or loser. On the other hand I wish to say that of the candidates that run for an office, some of them are not viable. 

By viability I mean to say that there is a possibility for a candidate to be viewed at some point as a potential major party nominee. While a campaign may become untenable, financially or through lack of popularity, there was a perception that s/he had a shot, at some point in that particular election.  There are two levels at work here.  The overall viability, weather the candidate is viable.  The second level, if s/he is viable then what level is his/her viability

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