April 30, 2009

Awkward Haiku (tv) - Ep. 3 - Dinner Party

The poem being read (Hart Crane) comes from a chapbook by Jesse Nathan and Chris Janzen called:

Dinner (Or A Deranged Event Staged in a Theoretical Mansion in Which Time and History Have Been Grossly Dismembered and What We Know as the Laws of Physics Wildly Subverted, Conducted as an Inquiry into the Genius of Madness and the Art of the Faux Pas, and Having as a First Course to be Served to a Cast of Sixteen Eccentrics A Dish of Carrot Cabbage Salad Meant to Tickle Every Palate).

read about it here

The poem was read at the launch dinner party for Dinner, held April 18th at the Electric Works Gallery in San Francisco. Published by The Milk Machine

Awkward Haiku (tv) from David Burgis on Vimeo.

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