April 14, 2009

Awkward Statements of Fact...

1. Observe and Report was funny but evil. Scratch that--evil, and as a result funny. Even Danny McBride was hilarious in it, which, as any regular reader of Awkward Haiku will know, is a near impossibility (ok, he's not bad in East Bound and Down--Awkward Haiku will concede that much)
2. Adventureland was sweet but not funny. Some really pretty moments, but some really poorly done moments as well. None of the characters felt thought out, though the occasional scene reached a place of lyricism. And no laugh.

Production values in silly american movies have gone up a great deal. Sadly so has male frontal nudity.

3. Nichols and May were the funniest pair of people in the history of a nation full of funny people

4. Lots of thoughts on the regional differences between branches of comedy (LA vs. NY vs. UNC grads vs. Chicago), but that'll have to wait. Because for now...

5. AH has been watching way too much comedy

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