April 25, 2009

2010 MI: Mike Cox, Part Two

'03-'09 Michigan's Attorney General 

An Eastsider with popularity, Mike Cox has a chance to take the nomination. But it will be a long road for Cox unless he gets his head in the game. While Hoekstra has already set up a website and Lynn-Land has given us her budget (baby steps), Cox is telling GM and Chrysler LLC. that if they go bankrupt, they need to file bankruptcy in Michigan. 

If Cox had done any campaigning before this move, it would have been genius. It would have shown the voter that he understands the economic climate of Michigan and getting out of our slump isn't going to be as easy as cutting a pool toy with an axe. The hardships that we are going to face will be tough and a diverse economy will be needed in Michigan for it to prosper. Unless you are one of the four Evangelists you can't build a campaign on a letter. You can, however, use it during your campaigning to fill out your image as a pragmatist. 

If Cox and Lynn-Land are trying to catch up with Hoekstra they need to; 
Get their infrastructure together, 
Set up a website even if it just has their name, picture and bio
Get out on the road! Or at least in front of the t.v. camera. 

(Image From Detnews)

In other news: 
Pete Hoekstra and The Waterboard: 


Anonymous said...

Just the opposite. I think Cox is light years ahead of the others out there.

Check out this story


The state should not pick and choose which industries it gives tax breaks to but cut taxes for all businesses to help turn the economy around, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox told about 130 business leaders in Livonia Friday.

Cox, who’s formed a committee to explore a run for governor next year, said cutting the new $2.6 billion Michigan Business Tax in half and repealing the $700 million increase in personal income taxes signed into law in 2007 are two things the state can do right away to encourage job growth.

“Let’s tell businesses this is the place to come,” Cox said at a breakfast meeting of the Livonia Chamber of Commerce.

Cox is all over the place. Cox has probably been to half the counties in Michigan since the new year. I think others are playing catch up on him.

Matt said...

O.K. So I got the traveling part wrong, however, I still stand by the fact that Cox needs to get his infrastructure together and Set up a website.

I also have not been able to find a coherent message commming from the Cox camp. What is the Cox camp even?