April 24, 2009

World Tour: The Turkish Crazy Dasiy Sprinkler.

We made our journey down the Black Sea in a two person sail car. It was a horrible way to travel, but when I saw that look on Matt's face I just couldn't say, 'hey Matt how about we just take a plane or a bus?' The last time I saw that face,  I took an underprivileged woman and her family to Saks Fifth. When Sarah tried on that pant suit, I just couldn't say no.  
The sail broke down, (Matt was perfecting his boomerang skills) so we hitched the boat-car to a simple farmer's mule. He was more than happy to give us a lift back to his farm, only if we could help him figure out why he wasn't growing any crops. 
Back at the dirt farm, we knew instantly why nothing was growing (well I did at least). It turns out that at bastardized form of the Green Revolution migrated into western Turkey. The amount of fertilizer and herbicides were minuscule and the only irrigation that he used (to grow 

soy beans) was a "Crazy Daisy Sprinkler." It also didn't help mixing up herbicide and fertilizer nor did using salt water help. Matt for some inexplicable reason was able to talk to the guy (I guess he can speak idiot in any language) He reported that the farmer was actually a carpenter. The 'carpenter' had heard about big government subsidies for farmers that didn't even have to do anything, like Charles Barkley, and decided to take easy street. 
 Matt and I will be staying at the farm until Matt does something stupid. 

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