April 7, 2009

World Tour: Abkhazian Shake.

Skipped Europe and have been hanging out in the Assumption Cathedral (Sabor as they call it in Russia) in Moscow. The most stupid thing happened, stupid as in good. I was surfing the internet on my new Ifoam when I came across a malt shop three Puntinkas away. One Puntinka is the time it takes to drink three glasses of Puntinka vodka (the Russians are trying out a new measuring system and I have to say that I approve!) . At the malt shop Kate the Great and I ran into a Abkhazian talent agent and put into a van. That van was on it's way to Abkhazia. If your not familiar with Abkhazia, it is a very small country that Georgia unconsidered apart of it's own territory. Well anyway we were put into this music video. I'm the guy herding the sheep and Kate is the girl playing the little guitar:

"All the world is right again.
The sheep are in the meadow
Medvedev does not know we have a Camera
Saakashvili doesn't like our small guitar
But it is apart of our national heritage.

It's a beautiful song in the Abkhazian language even if it isn't very creative. Well now that I don't have to steal Kate's Blackbean. I purchased it in Romania, a Goat had eaten her Blackberry. I figure a goat will want to eat her phone less if it didn't sound as tasty as a blackberry. Well it's off to Africa after we take a nice soak in the Black Sea.

Until I remember to post again.

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