June 1, 2009

Awkward Haiku's Awkwardly Late Top 6 Movies of 2008

Now that the year is very much over, and we at AH have seen enough movies from last year to talk about it, here's our awkwardly long list of best movies from last year, in no real order:

°Let The Right One In-beautiful touching look at the birth of sexuality among scandinavians. Emotionally effective scene at a swimming pool. And vampires.
°Gran Torino-Detroit, badass Clint Eastwood, nostalgic view at changing morĂ©s in lifestyle, social conservatism, etc.
°Reprise-brilliant first hour of stream-of-consciousness and realism before falling into shallowness. Even as it falls apart, it remains a brash and intelligent look at the pretentious assholes we all are. Probably the movie i cheerlead the most for out of this bunch.
°Water Lilies--beautiful, sad, touching, honest, well-composed look at the birth of sexuality among french girls. And swimming pools. No vampires
°The Dark Knight--way too long, but still the best defense of american filmmaking. Huge amount of cash, and a few reasonably intelligent ideas while it grabs the audience without letting go. The uneven and meandering plot reinforces that. Plus, I mean, c'mon, everyone reading this has seen it. We have to do this sort of thing occasionally. Though the Tim Burton Batman was better... (and of course the Adam West Batman was brilliant in its own way)
°Revolutionary Road--worse than everything else on this list. but leo's great, the soundtrack's good, and the trailer's great. And I enjoy plays.
(since it came out in theaters last year--4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days was far and away the best movie, but since it came to new york in dec. 2007, i don't think it counts)

Honorary Mentions:
The Fall, Man On Wire, Wanted and Desired, The Wrestler, Wall-E, Rachel Getting Married

Haven't seen yet, think will be good:
Christmas Tale, Silent Light

The 300 Award For Best Crappy Energetic Action Movie:

Silliest Post-No Country Change:

The Reader Maybe not the total worst, but god I hated it so much. So offensive and mediocre and full of itself.

The moment we realized the academy was 100% useless:
Starting with the list of nominees, ending with the best picture speech by the entire nation of india.

Best trailer

Most mediocre movie
Tossup between Milk and all the other forgettable movies


matt yoka said...
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matt yoka said...

your blind confidence is disgusting. you'll be wildly successful as a result.
p.s. you gotta see: waltz with bashir