May 25, 2009

Bar Review: HopCat Grand Rapids, MI

If you look past the Art Nouveau posters and the tinny tee clad waitresses you will find a place that you can have a nice quiet drink, during the day and even for a long night. But, if there is a band playing, forget about having that quiet drink, grandpa. I'm not going to go on and on about their beer selection, its good, and so are a lot of other places in Grand Rapids. HopCat has made it's mark as the Downtown bar with the best selection of beer. Some of you may say the Founder's may have the best beer in town because they have their own brew house, I think that a little simile may be useful. 
Think about the relationship between the New York Times and the Huffington Post. Founders would be a beer source and HopCat would the a beer aggregate. The Huffington Post does not have the resources to brew much of its' own beer, but what it does is good and reasonable. You could go straight to Founders for great world and international news but you don't know what is worth drinking, which is why the HopCat can offer you advice on what news might fit your pallet. You might even want to try one of the house brews.

For a place in Downtown that has any beer that you are in the mood for at a reasonable price go to HopCat. Turn around if there is a Band, because you really have to yell to hear yourself think. 

3.33 Units out of 4
For band noise and uninspired posters. +.05 for great restrooms. +.07 for non-smoking main room and an upstairs smoking area.*

3.45 our of 4 
Expense: $$

Located right behind Van Andel, at 25 Ionia SW on the NW corner of Ionia and Weston, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503

*This review was written before the smoking ban. 

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