May 29, 2009

"I once saw Kaki King punch a small child"-Dispatches from our new music editor

Meet Andrew, our new critic! We thought about getting a purely music critic, and then realized that Andrew is the perfect critic because he won't stick to just music, he'll criticize everything. Expect some stuff from him within the next week, but for right now, here are some glimmers of what he's going to be talking about...

"technically i hate everything
it's just that awkwardhaiku is encompassed in that"

"[specifically] messerschmidt, awkwardhaiku, gypsies

"i think messerschmidt may be a gypsy.
"that will be included in a rant
may also declare a hatred of music, which would be ideal for me being the music editor"

"liking the mountain goats yet calling john darnielle 'a huge pussy'
need to keep the machismo going"

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