May 20, 2009


All through high school, I carried my keys on a small hook that latched onto a beltloop on the right side of the front of my pants. Sure, it was convenient, but the real reason I did it was to display the power that the keys represented. Every key on that hook was another door that I was allowed to open or a car that I was allowed to drive. I wanted people to see that. I liked to hear them jingle as I walked. It was truly the jingle of trust and responsibility. If I found a key in a padlock around the house, I would put it on the chain. When my family had the locks changed on our house, I kept both sets. Even if the old locks were in a dumpster or landfill somewhere, I was allowed to open them.
Then one day, I had to run to catch a bus. With every stride, the keys swung back and forth, hitting me directly it the testicles. I now carry my keys in my pocket.

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