May 20, 2009

Yell: the next installment


For all the Lost Brothers
(and fine ladies)

Part 1 continued

Who were blown into harbors and pushed into pools by Marine buddies and lacrosse teammates,

Who burned out in old warehouses, shifted boxes, drove cabs, woke up on a suburban and picked through the trash for bottles in the basement of a high school party hung-over and stumbled back to the room above parents’ garages,

Who walked from Rose St. to Main with a head full of beer and a gut full of vomit and a snowbank full of urine to open a convenience store at six in the morning,

Who  cried for days and left the garage door open when they tried to leave the engine running under the sterile glow of the florescent light & and their trust fund shall be renewed again,

Who ate worms of the rush hazing or suffered the consequences at the hands of the older brothers,

Who wined for another slice of pizza pie with their controllers full of chicken grease and pretzel salt, 

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