May 4, 2009



For all the Lost Brothers
(and fine ladies)

Part 1 continued

who disappeared to join the Senior Frogs of Panama leaving only the shadows of Birkenstock sandals and the lava and ash of Jack Johnson albums scattered in San Berlin firepit,

who reappeared in Reno with FBI (Female Body Investigator) shirts and Aviators passing out incomprehensible Ron Paul leaflets,

who seesawed for days on end raising funds to stamp out the continued existence of banal but awful sounding handicap,

who distributed Hooters quartersheets in hoody and headphones to get enough scratch to buy a souper six pack of Raman,

who broke down crying in plastic suits in saunas and convulsing before the scale of assiduous ‘improvement,’

(I am sorry that these posts are getting shorter, the material is getting tricky)

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