June 16, 2009

Awkward Manifesto: Point 3

Point 3

The bourgeoisie Arabic numerical system will hold no quarter with Awkward Haiku. From this point on we will employ the Fregian axiomatic system of arithmetic, Roman, Greek, Hebrew or we will write it out.
Clause I: If a number is over one-million we will be forced to use Arabic numerals. The capitalist pigs will never get us to capitulate, we will count (CMXCIX)CMXCIX and not one numeral more! 
I.II For the number one-million, the Egyptian will be used.
I.III No number over five will be represented by the Fregeian system.
Sub-explanation: The number one is the successor of zero or (S)0. Two (ב) is
the successor of the successor of zero; SS0.

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