January 17, 2014

Awkward Manifesto: Point SSSSS0

(Philosophic? Try Robotic)

Thomas Jefferson was the first robot sent from the future to destroy Alexander Hamilton. Since Jefferson was sent from a time-line were the French had (somehow) created the robots that eventually took over the world, they naturally feared banks and the British. Eventually a British heir of Alexander Hamilton created a universal bank , that if not stopped would over-ride the robots fiscal regulation program. The strategy was to write enough bad press against Hamilton and Washington to shame them out of office and give up the idea of a National Bank.

Along the way Jefferson began to slip and the robots sent Madison to begin the Republican Party. These mean spirited robots, slandered their way to pass on the Republican gene (It is a dominate gene and the trait can show up even when it is dormant for generations). While Madison feverishly wrote essay after essay to further the robotic cause, Jefferson used his pivot chair to burrow deep into a conspiratorial frenzy. Jefferson eventually over-rid his sanity chip and sent the project spiraling into failure.

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