June 29, 2009

Monday Bar Review: Bob's Sports Bar

Bob's Sports Bar

725 Michigan St NE,
Grand Rapids, MI

It's a sweltering day and all you want to do is get a beer and watch the game, but your girlfriend wants you to fix something or other. Here is what you do; tell her that you have to go to Home Depot out on Alpine because you don't have the right tool for the job. What you actually do is grab a roll of duct tape and some spray paint and then stop at Bob's for a beer, burger and bar stool. Wait until the game is over and fix whatever it was afterwards. When your girlfriend asks you what took so long, make something up (I can't come up with everything).

Bob's Sports Bar has an upbeat, friendly atmosphere and great burgers. Watch out, you might find that the bun is too small for the burger. If you live near the hill or near Michigan this is a great neighborhood bar, but nothing too special.

For nice service +0.1
For playing a Hank Williams III song +0.1

Final 2.5
Cheap $

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