June 1, 2009

Monday Bar Review: The Meanwhile

Nevermind the amazing drink specials ($1 Old Style cans on Monday, $3 pitchers of PBR on Tuesday), The Meanwhile is a maketers dream-come-true. If you ever wanted to spot the 'trend-setters' you just need to go to the most popular neo-dive in town, The Meanwhile. A neo-dive is a renovated space, usually an old bar, that is made to look like a dive bar with hipster twists, like kitchy decore intermixed with local art. Not that you would be able to see any of it with the throngs of down ski vests, stocking caps and stringy hair. It used to be that you could show up at Ten at The Meanwhile during a weeknight and find a table, not anymore. You cant beat their music selection and they never have a band.
If you are looking for a good time with a group of friends at a cheap price, I sugest showing up early and staying put. The service is good.

2.0 Black Labels out of 4. For crowd and snide back hair. +.8 for specials. +.25 for service


Located 1005 Wealthy St. Grand Rapids

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