June 15, 2009

Monday Bar Review: Pickwick Tavern

The Pickwick
970 Cherry St Se
Between Diamond Ave SE and Warren Ave SE

Remember when you would visit your 'stay-at-home uncle' at work? At first you didn't know if what you walked into was a bar or an out of work movie set from 'Leon: The Professional.' Eventually you figured out that it was a bar and that you uncle had an alcohol dependence stemming from inadequate encouragement from your grandparents. And remember when your first clue was when he drank beer out of the smallest receptacle for the lightest beer possible? When you sat down next to him, he laughed and his rosy cheeks glistened as he explained point spread and over-under. And remember how sad you were when he had to move out after the '91 Duke upset over UNLV.

If you want any of these memories to return, then walk in to the Pickwick Tavern. As one of the oldest bars in Grand Rapids the Pickwick features one of the smallest televisions and all the personality of a bar with none of the annoying hipsters. Go only if you want to be left alone and don't mind going home at 11. It's a great place for a cold brew after a long day, not a place to bring a date or your cool friend coming into town.

3.2 for a working class night or an under the radar meeting.

1.1 for a date or to impress anyone.


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