June 8, 2009

Monday Bar Review: The Winchester

Do you remember in Shawn of the Dead when they centered the plot around a bar called the Winchester? I do. It's not like that one at all, other than it being a bar/'gastro-pub.'

When I first started going here, one of the best parts about this bar was that they didn’t have any kind of sign displaying that what you were about to walk into was going to be a bar and not some hep speakeasy or gala art event. When you do walk in, you find out that you can join and yes they do have food and Michigan beer on tap. Then after you’ve gone through your second or so Short’s Brown Ale you realize that you are in for a twenty dollar night. That’s only if you show up between ten and eleven. If you are looking to chomp on some supper show up around six, but for heaven’s sake do not show up between six and ten if you want to sit down.

The friendly staff is few and far between, if you ever get a seat you will be able to meet them. While you wait, take a look around, order a beer at the bar and stroll on the porch you might even be able to listen to the pedantic drone of the other side of Grand Rapids drinking elite: Aspiring Yuppies. An Aspiring Yuppie is a 21-25 year old ‘college’ person, who has wised up to adolescence and now is trying hard to sail an ox cart at sea with the ox treading water.

So go back inside and wait for a table to open up, jump in and enchant the gang. Since the place is too small, they can’t fit a band. Without a band, that guy you’ve been kind-of hanging around with a lot will be able to pick up on your coquette witticisms.



The Winchester

648 Wealthy St. SE
11 am --2 am Monday -- Saturday
Noon -- 2 am Sunday

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