June 19, 2009

Serrious news from Iran.

Hi all,

If you want to check out what is happening in Iran go to:

Refresh often.

Translator tool from Google to translate Farsi to English

Torrent video's of Police Brutality in Iran.

This will most likely be picked up by the government.

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C Maguire said...

Nice reporting Matt. Goodness knows these Iranian government Bozo's need to get off their high horse. They have been extremely accusatory of Western powers on a myriad of issues; all the while extolling the values of their "Islamic Republic". In these videos it is shown that the trampling of free speech persists well into the 21st Century. I abhor the Ayatollahs for showing the audacity to call their state a Republic. A word and concept as sacred to the tradition of Western Political thought as "Sharia" might be to them. If Iran is a divided country on the brink of collapse, then we should stand ready to embrace pro-western powers within the country. As uncompromising as that view might seem, the hard-liners in Iran have certainly shown even less ambiguity in their opinions toward the United States and the Western world.

Matt said...

Well I think that we ought to support pro-democratic, powers. We are still going to have to face more centrifuges, however, with an open dialog we might be able to make tepid unstable forces with in Iran. The American people ought to be loud in their support of the protesters, but the Administration ought to let the event run it's course, unless there is violence.