June 4, 2009

Tony Scott

AHtv is currently uploading. As it does... a few thoughts.

Tony Scott's Top Gun was unbelievably awful. While it does hold the distinction of being the only Tony Scott "film" that we here at Awkward Haiku (tv) have finished, it's just... was there a screenwriter involved? A human screenwriter that is? Visually alright, though a bit boring (and terrifyingly close to Michael Bay's aesthetics), the music got old, the acting was... well... what it was... and all in all it's interesting in only two regards:

a)the well-documented homoeroticism is definitely interesting, over-the-top, right in the viewer's face. Did the people from that long ago, simpler time of the late 80s get it? It was a huge box office hit, millions of people saw it. Were those ancient times more caring and tolerant than our callous times? What does the very thinly veiled subtext mean for the director? Is it the subtext to most big 'ol 80s action movies? Never having seen Rambo, I couldn't say.

b)Comparing Tom Cruise in Risky Business to in this, a few things stick out to me. The move from rayban to aviator was a move from being avatar of a shallow broken generation (Risky Business in some ways being a more narratively coherent suburban Bret Easton Ellis-like vision) to the heroic figure of that same generation minus self-awareness. Aviatar-rocking Cruise laughs a lot, smiles a lot, looks angry a lot, and through all of it doesn't seem to have a real emotion. This is the movie star asshole Cruise Kubrick was able to subvert 10 years later. The Rayban Cruise though, was scared, quiet, nervous, cagey, and blank. He had the same falseness to his movements, but it was a falseness born of defensiveness that doesn't try to win anyone over, while aviator-cruise's forced smile should count as assault. Aviator-Cruise depends on gut, and everyone around him worshipping him, while Rayban-Cruise seems to be constantly on-guard for everyone else to turn on him. Where melancholy Rayban drags down the melancholy movie to dangerously self-indulgent turns, Aviator-cruise is, entirely for worse, the entirety of the idiotic movie.