July 10, 2009

Awkward Manifesto #Gooey

Correct Dates and Times are for Losers
Some people have complained that the devotionals don't seem to come at the right time (see titles such as "Post-Ironic Devotional July 10" posted on the 9th, "July 8" posted on the 7th, etc.). These people, are nincompoops. These people don't understand a post-ironic manifestation of time. And perhaps most damning, these people are losers who couldn't write an awkward haiku if their silly lives depended on it.

Don't they understand that dates and times are fluid, dependent on the post more than the position of the earth in relation to the sun or calendar progress? Occasionally it matches up (oftentimes even), but occasionally it doesn't. Deal with it.

So here's an awkward salute to a post-ironic sense of time. Happy labor day everyone!

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