July 20, 2009

Monday Bar Review: Joshua's

123 Maine Street (Kitchy, eh?)
Brunswick, Maine

Sorry about missing last week. We had change over and I really didn't have time until today to write a new bar review.

It was 11:30 on a fogy Maine night. Id had just finished my third day as a stagehand at Maine State Music Theater. I felt like I had acquired Dionysus' hangover with out going to the orgy (I had a headache). On the plus side the guy and his girl that I tagged along with bought me a beer.

The bar was full of townies that night and I couldn't get a good read, but on a latter night I wrote this:

Well I'm at Joshua's now. If only a friendly doorman meant a good bar. it feels like an authentic TGIF with better beer and cheaper prices and pool tables. The townies are always abundant and the 'white boyz' are putting my nerves through the grinder, but at least the service blew. I asked what kind of beer was on tap and what was good and after a strange look I was directed to a
beer list on one of the tables. This direction didn't help because the brews on the list didn't match up to the brews on tap.

I whent there again on another night when I was
feeling better:

There is a balcony, who would have known? They serve you drinks and they take your order, a place like this is not one to miss my friend. The crab soup was wonderful and the staff is cheerful, what happened the other night?

Final Ratings:

1.40 on a bad night.

3.01 on a good night.

Just peek your head in when you get there if it looks crowded head for Sea Dogs right away.

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