July 29, 2009

Monday Bar Review: Sea Dog Brewing Co.

SEA DOG TOPSHAM is located on the Androscoggin River at 1 Main Street in Topsham, Maine.

When my writers mind starts to pine,
for thoughts distracting from my line,
I set a course to Sea Dogs.

When my brain starts to churn
and my written brain starts to burn
I set a course back to my apartment.

I can't keep this up any longer, so I'll just give you the low down. Sea Dogs is a great brew pub located on Miller's Island, right above the hydro-electric dam run-off. The bar is all the way on Maine Street just past the bridge. If you are not familiar with the beer made by this company, you are missing out (but not by too much). This rainy summer I haven't felt the hoppie spirit guide me towards IPAs or even normal pale, so I have stuck to the Irish Stout and Cask Brown Ale.

First, the Irish Stout could be a little thicker and, if I dare, better. Second, it is a good second level stout for those tired of Guinness and looking for a better thick beer. If you are not familiar with the cask process read about it here, I would love to explain it but I don't think that you would want me to. Anyway, I love a good brown ale and when you taste it with out the nitrogen your mouth picks up and you brain kicks in.

The decor is not much to write home about, it's like any renovated working space turned bar. Everything is new except for the walls, floor and ceiling even those got a through power washing. A couple of pool tables help to ease awkward conversations and the guy/band that they have never gets loud enough to be annoying.

If you are ever in Brunswick/Topsham, Maine and decide to go get a beer somewhere, go to Sea Dogs.

Final Score:
3.0 out of 4
For slow service and convoluted set up.

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