August 11, 2009

Buffalo Wild Wings serves mediocre food

tuesday the best day
the great discount on hot wings
now i will get drunk

I'm currently living in a state of transition. I'm in the process of wrapping things up in this town and preparing Kalamazoo for my grand arrival, which should be happening shortly. Although I've been able to comfort myself with my rare Kevin Devine/Okkervil River live tour bootleg collection (the headlining band on that tour will not be named) it's still strange to realize that there are people who I consider friends that I'll simply never see again in my life. Strange. Unrelated, but I've been spending the last few days working through these (probably not work safe). They're like mainlining trendiness directly into your eyeballs, with all of the pain and regret that result from such a thing.

Now that I've written my piece and David has lost in tennis once again (just like every day) it's time for me to go eat hot wings and drink cheap beer. God bless America.

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