August 17, 2009

Monday Bar Review: Z's Sports Bar

168 Louis Campau Promenade
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

As you walk off the pedestrian bridge closest to GVSU's campus and continue on you will eventually run into Z's.

A perpetual standard for sports, burgers and beer in Grand Rapids, Z's will meet or beat your expectations. In order for those expectations to be broken you will have to set them at a fairly mediocre level, although Z's is a good bar, it doesn't shine as much as reflect a dull light. If you are looking for a burger and a beer while watching the game, this is the place.

If you are looking for a night out, you would do better to go somewhere else, unless you show up on the first Tuesday of the month. What happens then? Drummer Tim Froncek and his Jazz band play a radio broadcast for WGVU at Z's. Even though I'm no music critic, just a lowly bar reviewer, Tim sure can melt those skins.

Score: 2.4, +.3 for WGVU Jazz Night.

Final Score:
2.7 units
out of 4

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