September 11, 2009

Awkward Injustice

We here at Awkward Haiku are always expanding, and looking for new ways to reach the world. But when we applied for a radio call sign to go along with our new radio tower (range-33 inches), we were informed that certain stations have stolen what is rightfully ours!

WKRD has already been snapped up by a station! Louisvilly, KY why do you need to take everything good from us?

WKWR was stolen by a station in Key West

What reason do Columbus, Tupelo, and West Point have for taking our WKDH?

Needless to say, we're offended. Needless to say we're doing something about this (that's right. angry letters to the FCC). But we need YOUR help.

Come up with a call sign not already snapped up by greedy thieves, and we'll feature a profile of YOU, contest winner, on OUR website! And give you a 50¢ prize*.

Get cracking, Awkward fans!

*prize not redeemable for any cash value

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