September 17, 2009

Introduction to the CFL

It was bound to happen, Awkward Haiku has found a sport and a league that holds dear to it all the silliness and tranquility that Awkward Haiku embodies. 
Quick Overview 
  • 3 Downs
  • Longer ball 
  • Longer Field ....
  • 12 players 
  • Full yard between offensive line and defensive line. 
  • No Fair Catch rule
  • Back Field Motion O.K.
  • if the ball is fumbled out of bounds, the last team to touch the ball before it goes out of bounds gets possession. The ball may not, however, be intentionally kicked out of bounds to gain possession, this is then treated as a scrimmage kick out of bounds. 
  • One foot inbounds for a complete catch. 
  • Pass interference on an uncatchable ball is still penalized.  
Awkward Haiku is a proud emotional supporter of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders 

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