September 30, 2009

Monday Bar Review: Los Tres Amigos East Lansing

Los Tres Amigos 
1227 E Grand River Ave
East Lansing, MI 48823-4912
(517) 853-5800

During the summer of '07 my friend and an acquaintance of mine rented an apartment over looking the Red Cedar River and right across the street from the Spartan Sports Den. We would laugh and drink as we laughed and watched the Pistons loose the 2007 Championship and drink cheap beer to ease the pain of watching my acquaintance act like a jerk.

Years latter I saw that the Spartan Sport's Den had closed its doors for good, and riddance to them. All that bar ever was good for was 2.00 well drinks, snotty service and old burned out big screens.  In it's place some one was building a new Mexican Restaurant. I thought, 'what another? We already have six, how would a seventh be any better?'
After a few years and a summer in Maine (the whitest state in the Union) I was ready to give Los Tres Amigos (LTA) a shot. My chance didn't come until September 29th 2009, when David called me at 9:05 pm and wants me to go out and do something before the leaves for Whales. I didn't want to go, the Tigers were up 5-4 against the Twins in the 8th and the Twins were up to bat, since I felt sorry for the jackass we decided on LTA. More after the Jump...

As you drive by LTA on Grand River you get this feeling of dread, like a tin roof bandit has built a "Mexican restaurant" and wants to sell you a  microwaved "Tina Burrito." Once I stepped inside I knew that I would have a pleasant evening asking the waiter to repeat himself and ordering $2.50 margaritas. As I sat down I noticed that every wall had a large flat screen almost every four feet, and all of them, were tuned to the Tigers' game.  After this revelation any reminisce of ill spirit was washed away. With the margaritas and norteño music playing at an appropriate level for conversation, Los Tres Amigos is a great place for a quiet or a loud drink.
 Although I liked it, I am not going to make my self a regular, maybe in a few years.

3.0 out of 4 + .04 for playing norteño +.05 for polite and prompt service.

Final Score
3.08 out of 4 
$$ Inexpensive

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