September 27, 2009

Russian Phrase-A-Day!

Every day this week I've been posting a Russian phrase from a 1960 phrasebook (English-Russian Phrase-Book (A Pocket Interpreter), 5th ed., compiled by S.V. Neverov) by a Soviet publishing house. Next week, Matt will post a Russian phrase-a-day from a 1963 American phrasebook. I predict it will reveal deep inner truths about the nature of the Soviet/Yankee threat. Or something like that.

Suppose you... 

"wanted to "subscribe to some technical magazines through "Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga", How do I do that?"
Well you would say:
Ya khate'l(-a) by vy'peesat tekhnee'cheskeeye zhoornah'ly che'rez mezhdoonaro'dnooyoo knee'goo. kak e'ta zde'lat?

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