September 28, 2009

Russian Phrase-A-Day!

Every day this week I've been posting a Russian phrase from a 1960 phrasebook (English-Russian Phrase-Book (A Pocket Interpreter), 5th ed., compiled by S.V. Neverov) by a Soviet publishing house. Next week, Matt will post a Russian phrase-a-day from a 1963 American phrasebook. Did the Soviets really think we were like this? Were we like this? These questions will come up. Or something. 

Should you visit, you should know this common method of greeting:

"We are visiting the Soviet Union by invitation of Soviet societies of friendship and cultural relations with foreign countries"
"my pree'bylee f safe'tskee sayoo's pa preeglashe'neeyoo sayoo'za savétskeekh o'pshsheestf droo'zhby ee kooltoo'rnai svya'zee z zaroobe'zhnyee strah'namee"

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