September 29, 2009

Russian Phrase-A-Day!

Every day this week I've posted a Russian phrase from a 1960 phrasebook (English-Russian Phrase-Book (A Pocket Interpreter), 5th ed., compiled by S.V. Neverov) by a Soviet publishing house. This next week (so, starting tomorrow), Matt will post a Russian phrase-a-day from a 1963 American phrasebook. So far it's broadened my horizons and taught me to think like a Soviet. Or rather I've learned how the Soviets saw us in 1960. Or something.

And so, as the last travel question the soviet authorities expect, you might ask:

"Have you a Russian-English phrase-book, please?"
"eeme'ytsa lee oo vas ah'ngla-roo'skee razgavo'rneek?"

Hope you enjoyed these dispatches from the other side of the iron curtain!

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