October 27, 2009

Best (Sort of) Legal Free Online Mashup Albums

Okay, so you've burned through all your Girl Talk. You burnt a hole in your ears listening to Soulwax. You liked that DJ Earworm mix of The Beatles and The Scissor Sisters (No One Takes Your Freedom), and now you need more mashups?

First, I've gotta ask what your problem might be. After all, these are jokes, right? The Gray Album was cool, but not really listenable to after a while. Pffle! You might respond. And then you'd talk about how amazing it can feel to take 2 familiar tracks, and make something unexpected feel natural. And so forth.

This slightly truncated and incoherent response of yours would then shame me into trying to get back into your good graces. Then I remembered that you don't like to go through the hassle of having to steal music (and yet you like mashups?), so you'd rather you could just go somewhere on the internet and download them. And I would then remember that you prefer albums to individual songs (even though you prefer mashups of pop hits--never mind). And so I would give you these. These are, quite probably, the best totally free, totally online, non-commercial, all in separate tracks, albums of mashup to be found.

Jay-Z meets Radiohead. Trying to catch lightning again, you may say. But unlike the Grey Album, this continues to work. Really really well. And no one's going to sue you! (probably)

2.)Best of Bootie 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Based on a bay area club night (now expanded to most of the rest of the world), this puts together some obvious ones, some not so obvious ones. Solidly crafted anthologies of the biggest mashups from that year. It's basically the "Now that's what I call!" for mashups.

Stereogum's Mysplice (2008, 2007, 2006)
Stereogum puts these out every year. team9 makes them. They're great. The best of this list probably. They try a little harder to put the indie favorites smashed in with the big pop favorites.

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