October 5, 2009

Monday Bar Review: The Exchange of Lansing

The Exchange of Lansing 
314 E. Michigan Ave, Lansing 

It used to be that you could walk in to any bar with a suit on and a fake accent and (at the least) score a few phone numbers (that you would never call), not any more. What can you expect from a bar above a gentleman's club? Not much. With no cover and a cheap looking crowd it is no surprise that a gimlet cost me $6.75! Now for your people out on the coasts thinking, 'I pay $12 for a gimlet, what is he complaining about?' If your state has spent the past twenty years being run around, bullied  and under military attack from Congress, Corporations and Canada, a $6.75 gimlet is absurd. If you are in the area just go to Stober's.

1.5 .1 for good service and  .1 for a decent band.

1.7 out of 4

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