October 25, 2009

Monday Bar Review: SnapIt

Since I have run out of money, I have stopped going to bars. One would think that no longer attending bars would disqualify me from writing bar reviews, welcome to Awkward Haiku. In this weeks bar review I will be taking a look at the program SnapIt by Digeus software.

If your line of work involves any kind of technical software writing, SnapIt is the perfect program for you. At first, I thought that this program preformed the same function as the 'Prnt Scrn' button at the top of your keyboard that you never use. I don't use it because the process of cropping and then never getting the right kind of picture that you wanted anyway and giving up, was too much of a hassle for me. With SnapIt you just hit the prnt scrn button and then crop the part of the screen that you want to use. That area is then turned into either a, .png, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .gif file and saved into any directory you want it to go.

Get to the point you say? Well after a few minutes using SnapIt I found that I was able to redesign parts of the website with out having to find the source files, copy part of the pitchfork website and one of Hulu's banners. All of which will make for some fun satire, but for your everyday user it doesn't serve too much of a purpose. Unless normal internet consumers decide to maybe email their relatives a cheap e-card or something I still can't come up with an everyday application for this application.

All and all, SnapIt is great for industry but not for recreation.

Check out SnapIt for yourself, here.

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It works over Flash

It works over "The Very Best"
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It even works on Windows Vista

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