October 12, 2009

Monday Bar Review: Stober's Bar

812 E. Michigan Ave. 
Lansing, MI 48912

Stober's is a bar that's a lot like an Elk's or a Moose Lodge: you have to know someone who knows about Stober's to bring you in. If you don't know anyone you most likely will just pass by it on your way to another bar on the Michigan strip. When you finally get in, you will have a decision to make: sit at a table or go up a few stairs to a booth (the bar is always full, don't even try it). No matter which you chose, you will have to get your own beer. At a booth you will be left alone for the most part. At a table, get ready to make a lot of friends really fast. 

When you find your seat, go to the bar and you will see one of the strangest walls in mid-Michigan. Running the length of Stober's is an enormous wood carving with the wizard stain-glass staring you down. A pair of bat lamps light the liquor while the wo carved eagles in the corner's eyes glow red.  With talismans such as these it is no wonder interesting nights befall its patrons. 

My past adventures to Stober's have included almost getting into a fight over: the chauvinism of kilts, my distaste for the Dutch, and the perennial favorite 'whose turn it is to play table shuffle board.' 

The beer selection is as decent as one can expect from a dive and the prices are very fair. 

2.8 +.07 for being a good neighborhood bar that welcomes strangers brave enough to endure. 
2.87 out of 4

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Teddy R. said...

Let's not forget the alcies, the paramedics, the pervs, and the gay vets.