November 16, 2009

Awkward Haiku (tv) Ep. 18 - How the East Was Won (Cold War Cartoon)

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In honor of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we here at Awkward Haiku (tv) are giving a history lesson. In action-cartoon format!  A young boy and his dog run afoul of the East German censors, and gets in desperate trouble. Only the Freedom Team (led by the Great Communicator Reagan) can save him now. And maybe tear down that wall at the same time?

How much do you know about the Cold War, and how it ended?

Did you know that Ronald Reagan, Mickey Mouse, and the Pope battled giant zombie Che and giant zombie Stalin over the Berlin skyline?  

Well now you do.  

Did you know that the Pope plays a killer "Free Bird"?  

Now you do.  

Learn many more facts in this action-packed cartoon episode of AHtv (made using After Effects).  

Written, Animated, Directed by: 
David Burgis 
Drawn by: 
Evan Wiig 
Voices by: 
Matt Kuhr, David Burgis 
Music by: 
Cut Copy 
Ed Perrone & Catarina Manasco

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