November 15, 2009

I'm Phil Dick and So Can You!

(Part 2 in the PKD series. Tomorrow there'll be a more intensive piece by yours truly, then another one from Ben)

Let's start today's (very short) piece on Philip K Dick with a top 7 list (in a very shaky order). Partially subjective, partially 100% fact, it's a damn good list:

  1. Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
  2. Valis
  3. Radio Free Albemuth
  4. Man in High Castle
  5. Flow My Tears the Policeman Said
  6. Penultimate Truth
  7. Now Wait for Last Year

Three Stigmata, while later partially disowned by Phil Dick as being dangerously nihilistic contains it all. It is the way to start reading the guy.  No connection to the above film by Nacho Vigalonda. But maybe the film (in 3 parts) is good, if only for the series of doublecrossing doublecrosses, the pathos, and the mean but goofy humor.

Anyway, a real post tomorrow

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